Absurd Situations

"With plot elements that would do either a Moliere play or an episode of Three’s Company proud, Daddy’s Girl is ultimately the kind of play where absurd situations and characters drive both the humour and the plot.” — Elizabeth Nolan,
Gulf Islands Driftwood reporter,
Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada

Daddy's Girl

  Roars of Laughter 

"Daddy’s Girl was fabulous and certainly the best play that we have ever performed for our dinner theatre patrons. We received roars of laughter and eyes full of tears from our audience. I would recommend it to any theatre group. Great Play!“
— Ann Trzinski, Director
Wisconsin Rapids, WI


"Daddy’s Girl was such an enjoyable play to direct!  Stapp does an excellent job of weaving a sense of importance into each role. A month after our production, people are still commenting on how much they enjoyed this well-written play.”   — R. Bernardi, Director,
 Southwest Christian Academy,
Little Rock, AR

  "Majic." -- Joe Del Balzo, Director, Bowie Community Theatre, Bowie, MD

  "A sweet BCT treat ... filled with humor ... like a good meal at a diner, is comfort food, goes down easy, and leaves you filled and satisfied." -- David Emanuel, Editor, The Bowie Blade-News

 “We attend quite a few plays in the Baltimore/Washington/Annapolis area both as ushers and patrons and we haven’t enjoyed a play as much as Daddy’s Girl in a long time. The writing is very clever and the laughs are many … not a dull moment.”  — Elaine Dodge, patron, Bowie Community Theater


  Tears in Their Eyes 

“We just performed Daddy’s Girl by playwright Gary Ray Stapp...the play was a great success!  Never before have I had so many people coming up to me commenting on what a great story the play was.  Besides being very funny, everyone had tears in their eyes.”                  — Paula Van Blarcom, Director, Wallington High School    Wallington, NJ 

  Touches Your Funny Bone 

"Producing Marion Civic Theatre's presentation of Daddy's Girl was as refreshing as it was rewarding...it touches your funny bone, and your heart.  It was a pleasure to share this show with audiences who thoroughly enjoyed the performances."      — Stan Brozo, Producer, Marion Civic Theatre, Marion, IN 

  Something for Everyone

   "Daddy's Girl is extremely well written and easy to direct. It has wonderful and outrageous characters and offered something for everyone for our diverse audience, who I might add, roared from start to finish."     —  Casey Wagner, Director, Cedar Creek Church, Perrysburg, OH