Romey Odel & Julietta May

(No, It Ain't Shakespeare!)

14f, 10m

Tennessee hill-folk matriarchs Clesterine Coymack and Flittie Fieldhat  have been at odds with each other for years, but in spite of their feud, their grandchildren, Romey Odel and Julietta May have become betrothed by way of a  hillbilly superstition built upon The Hitchin’ Rock.  The problem is, Romey Odel can’t stand Julietta May, and he’s discovered he has feelings for an unlikely somebody else. But Julietta May insists the wedding is still on, until she suddenly realizes she’s fallen in love with a city boy. But with the curse of The Hitchin’ Rock looming over their heads, their nuptials are literally set in stone. But true love, hillbilly style, finds a way to prevail. And prevail it does right up to a climatic and surprising wedding event never before witnessed upon the top of Shaky Spears Mountain. Surrounded by a collection of colorful, loveable, sassy, and eccentric relatives, Romey Odel and Julietta May say their “I do’s” in a way William Shakespeare never saw coming.

"Just have to say that this evening's performance was exceptional! Every character was outstanding and perfectly chosen. I laughed so hard my insides hurt! Laurel Trinity Players you have outdone yourselves, this play is hard to beat!" -- Connie Zanoni, audience member Facebook post