Love Thy Neighbor

Wit and Silliness

Hilarious comedy ... Love Thy Neighbor has that familiar sitcom style with a surprise plot resolution at the end that makes you re-think everything that came before. Love Thy Neighbor gives you a greater appreciation for your own streetmates, as well as an admiration for finely constructed, light-hearted show such as this.  -- (Opera House Players)  Elkader, IA

"The Opera House Players deliver a masterfully funny performance in Love Thy Neighbor which should not be missed...I love this script's mix of wit and silliness...cause the audience to roar with laughter."  --Joleen Jansen,

A Madcap Comedy

Love Thy Neighbor is a madcap comedy...the play is written by Gary Ray Stapp, who also wrote Daddy's Girl, an audience favourite when it was performed by this group (Salt Spring Community Theater) a few years ago. The humour is zany and the play features larger-than-life characters who double deal, plot and scheme, all whilst living on a deceptively quiet and respectable cul-de-sac in small town USA. --   Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

Memorable Characters

“The play (Birds of a Feather) is a wild comedy with memorable characters you don’t meet every day.  Leona Crump is the neighborhood busy-body   with a heart only Archie Bunker could love.”             – Dave Boneau,
The Artesia Daily Press,  Artesia, NM.  
(Artesia Community Theatre)

Most Fun I Have Ever Had

“Playing Gafina Hambefferschmidt has been the highlight of my acting career.  In my 40 years of theatre experience, I have played Dotty Otley in Noises Off and that was my dream role.  But playing Gafina was the most fun I have EVER had on stage!” 
(Love Thy Neighbor)
 --  Nancy L. Rodenbeck,
 Sugar Creek Players, Crawfordsville, IN

Surprise Ending

“A slick, laugh-laden comedy  (Love Thy Neighbor) that seems even funnier when its surprise ending is finally revealed.” 

– Janis Thornton, The Times,
Frankfort, IN 
(Clinton County Civic Theatre)  

"I very highly recommend Love Thy Neighbor...its characters all have a bit of bite...fantastically sarcastic humor. It's got its share of broad humor, but it's also got more than it's share of great, snappy dialog and character-based laughs... it's twist-ending acted as a great finale to a really fun show." --David Burke, Quad City Times, Davenport, IA    (Richmond Hill Players)

Twists that will Delight

"A play that audiences of all ages will truly enjoy...with twists that will delight everyone."

--Jan Seitz, Director, State Theater, Mound City, MO

Witty One-liners

“Location! Location! Location!  It’s all about real estate in Colby Community College’s hilarious fall play Love Thy Neighbor.  The play has a balanced plot, is full of witty one-liners and interesting characters.” 
– Terrilyn Fleming,  Colby Free Press,  Colby, KS