The Trouble With Cats

                                                                               (5m ,7w)

An experienced house-sitting couple get more than they bargain for when a Minnesota homeowner intentionally double-books her lakefront domicile through in order to ensure she can get away from it all for an entire month. When the second house-sitting couple arrive, there is an immediate clash between generations. In one corner, there are the upper middle-class and socially-skilled Julians from New Jersey, and in the opposite corner, the anti-materialist and free-spirited vegans from North Carolina who have decided they don’t even need a last name. Personalities collide even further when the Bombays from next door add their own twist to being neighborly with either a constant barrage of trivial pursuits or an onslaught of candid crankiness. And if that weren’t enough for the Julians to deal with, they get another surprise…the uninhabitable master suite is in the midst of being actively remodeled by the Cheshires, a trio of sisters, two of whom are skilled laborers with personal problems of their own, and the other a chocoholic ditz. Without a head of household, there is little rest or relaxation for anyone…except for maybe the cat…if the house sitters could only find the elusive little creature.

  Unexpected Surprises 

"Just had to drop a note to say that we thoroughly enjoyed doing this play (The Trouble With Cats). We did Love Thy Neighbor last year and it was equally well received. As the director, I had many chuckles (and sometimes tears of laughter) from the first read-thru. Absolutely love your sense of humour as well as the numerous unexpected surprises interwoven throughout your scripts. Have my eye on Daddy's Girl for next year. Thank you for such great entertainment!" --Mary McIntosh, director, Plenty & District Community Players,
Plenty, Saskatchewan, Canada

  Completely Entertaining 

"Thank you so much for writing such a warm hearted, hysterically funny, and completely entertaining play (The Trouble With Cats). As I sit through the rehearsals, I am still laughing and finding new ways to engage the actors in their parts. I can't often say that about a play I've been living with for 5 months.“
— Barbara Buckley, Theatre Director, The White Mountain School,   Bethlehem, NH

  Fun to Direct 

"This play (The Trouble With Cats) was a lot of fun to direct and the cast had a lot of fun in performing! I would recommend for any age theatre company to do, and really great for new theatre companies to help get them started." 
Caroline Thompson, Theatre Director, Oshkosh Playin' Round,  Oshkosh, WI

                The Italian Premiere by Effetti Collaterali 

"Brilliant text and certainly fun, with a fresh and modern language: a glimpse of the contradictions of contemporary society, enriched by the presence of grotesque characters and hilarious scenes.* (Gatti da Legare, aka The Trouble With Cats)" 
— Fillippo De Sanctis, Teatro di Varese, Varese, Italy

* translation            La Compagnia Effetti Collaterali